Paris in Person | Adrien Heinz, our podcast guest
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Adrien Heinz, our podcast guest

In our previous podcast we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a Paris based French/Austrian film-maker (or vidéographeur, as he calls himself) Adrien Heinz. Because we really liked his work, we’ve decided to share some of it with you here. Be sure to check out his web-site for more compelling videos.



1980 Special Dance


1980 special dance from Adrien Heinz on Vimeo.


The first thing we’ll share is a very catchy video taken on place de Trocadero, a very touristy place (on account of being the best location to observe the Eiffel tower). Readers of our series on chanson française featuring Paris will remember that a notorious hit Je t’aime…Moi non plus was taken on the same spot. Noticeably different, this is a more lighthearted usage of the same place. If you’ve listened to the podcast it is also the video that we’ve mentioned several times (the one with the dancing furries). Humorous, catchy, featuring a rapid but on-point montage, it’s an accurate depiction of that particular party mood that is between ironic distance and good times but altogether enjoyable and fun. Also, although it was made in 2009, it goes well with the group’s name 1980 because it has a lot of the (both ironic and party) spirit of the given decade. Fashion and roller-skates are also perfectly in line.



Conic Section Highway Loop


Conic section Higway Loop from Adrien Heinz on Vimeo.


This very simple yet perfectly terrifying video loop gives us an insight into a near future of city-living. Although the author stated it was supposed to be surrealist and that it was done as a composite build (a near infinite repetition and a collage assembly of one scene) to some of us who’ve struggled through the tunnels under Les Halles or the Parisian peripheral highway, this seems all to real and plausible. A perfect Monday morning routine – wake up a couple of hours before what you intended, set this video on repeat and watch it for hours as your mind dissipates into nothingness. Then go forth with the week in the perfect state of zen. Repeat once a week for optimal results.



Bubble Pop


BUBBLES POP from Adrien Heinz on Vimeo.


A very welcome imagery in these drudgy winter months, this video features a person melting away in the summer heat. The fan is doing nothing for him, so he turns to the fully stocked fridge of cold soda cans. Much like with anything sugar (and other drugs) related, the relief is ecstatic and momentary, yet all too brief. This realisation leads to a fridge raid and a soda binge of epic proportions – after enough sugar (or any other drug) magical party furries appear and start tearing up the dance floor. After the rush is over, the house is left in a state of disarray, making us question the very nature of sparkling soda, heat, reality and sugar abuse. It also reaffirms us in the attitude that Adrien has a thing for surrealism and furries – when you combine the two, what can possibly go wrong ? Party on.



Ponte Jean


"Ponte Jean" from Adrien Heinz on Vimeo.


A Colombian rehash of the early nineties pop classic Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic, this video stays faithful to the source material while spicing it up with psychedelic furries. It’s as if we’re starting to see a pattern emerging here… Still, a very funny interpretation of both the song and the video it was based upon, this work sports a very on point DIY vibe and some rather confusing symbolism. For example, the singer is holding a double blade axe (a common symbol of lesbianism) in a very phallic like manner, as if it was a microphone. Convoluted, or clever ? We can’t decide. Also, Ponte Jean is (we guess) supposed to sound like Pump Up the Jam. Not surprisingly, the video is all about jeans, because, who knows what is the local context of this. The only thing left we can say about this is that while watching it, you may feel a sudden and inexplicable urge to drop your jeans.



Mobil Box à la Fondation Cartier


Mobil Box à la fondation Cartier from Adrien Heinz on Vimeo.


We’ll wrap it up with this frantic video commentary on the French colonialism and their centuries old habit of vandalising and wrecking other cultures so that they could bring the best of them to France (museums like the Louvre etc.). We see a street art version of the same process, although made in a humorous, lighthearted and fast paces manner. Still, some darker undertones are to be seen between the lines when the famous (and as Adrien said, stereotypical) Parisian monuments like the Triumphal Arc also appear in this colonial video box. Is he trying to suggest that a culture that thrives on consumption of other cultures will necessarily and inevitably end up by consuming (therefore destroying) itself ? It’s open to interpretation but you can already guess our answer. Anyhow, a rather interesting mixture of DIY approach and essential questions occupying the French (sub)conscience for the last quarter of their history.


As Adrien is a rather prolific fellow we couldn’t really include all of his works here – these are just some of his video shorts, but there is a lot more of it where it came from. Be sure to also check out on his documentaries, drawings and other interesting goodies. As for us, here’s to hoping he’ll let us put on one of his many furry costumes and act as an extra in some of the videos to come.