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Au théâtre

When living in Paris one is so spoiled by everything- exhibitions, cinemas, restaurants…but also with theaters. Even though the tickets for theaters in Paris are not cheap there is always a solution when talking about public theaters like Comédie Française or Théâtre d’Odeon we visited last few Sundays.  You just have to come an hour o two (it depends on theater) before le lever de rideau (the beginning of the play) and be lucky enough to get the tickets for 5 (to 8) euros.  Your seats will be positioned on second or third balcony but visibility is great! So if you come to Paris and you like the great classics of theater as well as french comedy plays you should definitely visit these two places. HERE you can see the program of Comédie Française and HERE the one of Théâtre d’Odeon.


Comédie Française, la fameuse salle Richelieu




Théâtre d’Odeon




The ceiling painted by Andre Masson (1965).


The view from the terrace.


© Anita Ruso@cherryblossomtime

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