Paris in Person | Salon du Chocolat 2017
Our impressions on the last Salon du Chocolat.
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Salon du Chocolat 2017

We shall casually pretend that all of our crew was not superbly busy and absent from posting for a while – and thus will continue to our belated thoughts on the subject of the Chocolate Salon.


Bonnat, the sun of our horizont


As you have probably noticed, chocolate is our passion, our greatest weakness and strength. Not only that we do chocolate tastings and spread the word of how to recognize and handle fine bars, we are on the neverending mission of exploring all things chocolate and perfecting our knowledge and senses. So it goes without saying that a visit to the Salon is a must. It also equally goes without saying that impressions from the Salon last, and that they are important.


Choco dress one


This year’s salon was larger, better, more equipped, more ambitious than the last. Everything was placed on a different (next) level – more presentations, more space dedicated to the salon, more content, easily more of everything. We remember the first one we went to – back in 2010 – it seems, in comparison, as a completely different manifestation, both in scale and in concept. It was a very different think. Though it is always trendy to drone on how things used to be better, more authentic and so on, in this case it is not necessarily true. As the time goes by, the universe of chocolate seems to be turning towards the quality and actual value rather than cathering to the masses (appreciative of sugar rather than of cocoa).


Choco dress two


This might be a side effect of the globally encroaching hipsterdom, a tendency to gentrify everything and a tendency to make everything artisanal, handmade, authentic and so on. In the chocolate domain, however, this would not be entirely true, as we can see some actual quality and innovation taking place. So, overall impressions are good – tendencies are good. More dark artisanal chocolate ; more old players willing to experiment ; more young players willing to take the challenge and present respectable ambition. Again, the main impression is : more of everything, but in a good way. Here is a couple of photos so that you could better understand what we are talking about.


Delightfully sinful produce to look out for


Gothic art AND chocolate ? This is heaven !


Finally in France ! Hope to see in retail too


Jealous of his job vol.2


Pralus mon amour


Pricey yet valiant newcomer to look out for


…and its proud presenter


Our favorite stand – those of you who know us personally will get it


Self explanatory