3×1 (café, bar, resto) in Paris II

As you have already noticed I love to share with you the beautiful Parisian places I visited. I’m well aware that I am miles away from being David Lebovitz neither Anthony Bourdain. I just love to take photos of interesting places and the food and I simply share it here so you might have some “easy going time” when you are trying to find something in Paris that is not very expensive, not very touristy but again cozy and delicious… Well that would be a place where you will spend your time and money with a big smile. This time it’s all about good food and good cocktails.


Terrazza St. Germain is a great Italian restaurant in a little mall  just behind the church St. Sulpice in 6th arrondissement. Whenever we came the food was delicious and I was delighted. We enjoyed the pasta several times so this time we decided to go for the fish menu and we weren’t disappointed. Take some Marsala as an aperitif and make a good choice (in fact you can not make a mistake). Hope you will love it as much as I did every single time. The prices of dishes are from 12 to 20 euros.




The second delicious address is Café (and brasserie) Le Zimmer (1 place du Châtelet in 1st arrondissement). This is one of the most beautiful of the Parisians cafés. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth it. In this charming place I have eaten one of the best fondants ever and the café gourmand was also savoury.





The last but not the least, a chic cozy place called Prescription cocktail bar in Odeon (23 rue Mazarine). It’s a great place to take a cocktail with your girlfriends. The music is very interesting- it shuffles in a pretty great way and we really adored it! I have to admit that the people you can cross there are more than stylish. I’d say – a place to be. Just for the record – they have some great cocktails and I’m not talking about standard ones (prices are from 12 to 14 euros). Don’t miss it (it’s a little bit hidden) & don’t forget that it’s really crowded after 9 o’clock.






© Anita Ruso@cherryblossomtime

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