About us

We are a group of passionate explorers of Paris. Why choose our tours?

We are not from Paris. This, in our opinion, is an advantage. This is why we were so curious of discovering this city beyond its surface, always going deeper and deeper into its history and culture. On the other hand, we have been living here long enough to feel the actual life of Paris, get to know and appreciate all the local colors.

Our interests and curiosity go beyond one given field. Although our tours are mostly about history of art and architecture, we also explore Paris’ gourmand scene and are always the first to go to a new bakery, new chocolate place, a hot new pastry shop – as well as to be acquainted with all the classic ones. Which means that via us you can get a first-hand recommendations on where-to-get-what while in Paris.

We are seasoned travelers and have visited many other cities, enabling us to better understand and appreciate Paris- therefore, to better give you our knowledge.

Our groups are small (ideally under 10 people per guide), so we could give enough attention to every guest and have enough time to answer your every question.

Hope to see you soon!
Sincerely, your
Paris in person team.

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