Salon du Chocolat 2017

We shall casually pretend that all of our crew was not superbly busy and absent from posting for a while - and thus will continue to our belated thoughts on the subject of the Chocolate Salon.   Bonnat, the sun of our horizont   As you have

Evening of Serbian documentary films in Paris

You know what is so great about Paris ? One of great things anyhow. It is the possibility to get acquainted with other cultures that make a part of that city. There is an American Paris (we talk about on our Montmartre and Montparnasse visits),

Paris through the bottle

So after a couple of months of intense touring where all our explorers and guides were taken, we finally grab a day off and are able to pursue some aimless Paris gallivanting - with nothing but an idea of walking from one place to another,

BS in Paris – A Brocante in Marais

After a lengthy pause, mostly caused by some of our staff members traveling to different conferences across the big pond and some other members working like there's no tomorrow, we're back with BS in Paris - this time (yet again) we take the story away

BS in Paris Goncourt brothers

Our new weekly podcast is out! This time, Boris and Sam talk abou the name of a metro station (one of many to come) - this time it is métro Goncourt. Listen to a very interesting history of the 19th century masters of trash, gossip