Cafe de Flore

When in Paris, find the time to visit one of the oldest coffeehouses in the city, the favorite meeting place of artists, writers, and philosophers – the Café de Flore. Located in Saint-Germain-des-Pres in the 6th arrondissement, the coffeehouse is still a popular spot among


If you want to adhere to that "When in Paris act like a Parisian" then perfume is a must. It is one of the essences of French girl chic, along with mariniere, beret, cigarettes, red lipstick and espadrilles.   Any perfume, whether it is floral, “oriental,” wood,

Paris in person wine tasting guide

It seems rather pretentious proposing a wine guide and labeling our company name on it. After all, there are many oenologues in the world, a good number of them on line. You can find a lot of wine tasting guides on the internet, so you

Come prepared – Open markets in Paris

Continuing our attempts of providing you some info of the actual practical value, apart from the ramblings on art and our perpetual discontent with it, we give you our overview of the open market scene of Paris. This is a very important aspect of the

Come prepared – supermarkets in Paris

We here at Paris in person not only strive to be of use to our clients; we try to act accordingly with the people coming to Paris in general. Meaning this - while tourists are mostly interested in where to eat, and which restaurant does

Coming to Paris – know what to expect

Just look at that scenery - this city is really beautiful and unique in so many ways. Aside from the actual appearance and historical character of Paris, there is a very serious image cultivation process that has happened over a very long period of time.

Coming to Paris : be careful of these things

(image taken from ) If you are coming from another large city, you are probably well aware of the rampant petty crime as an integral part of the urban life. However, as Paris is among the top touristic destinations in the world, this aspect is raised

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