Happy New Year’s resolutions from Paris in person walking tours

To all our clients and readers, we wish the best for holidays. Happy New Year !



In line with the 2016 ending and 2017 beginning, we’ve decided to have some New Year’s resolutions laid out. Here goes :


1) We shall not tardy with our posts. For example, it would make a lot more sense for this particular post to be published on the 1st of January instead of the 3rd ; but some unexpected tours as well as the onset of holiday related slothfulness interfered with those plans. May this not be read as (the new year’s) hypocrisy ; from now on, we’ll seek to be more diligent and bring you the best Paris related content.


2) We’ll aim higher with our already ambitious plans. More content, more research, more of everything. Progress and development in all senses – we’ll seek to be more dynamic and less static. As Heraclitus said, Panta Rhei – everything flows, and to be alive is to be in motion. So we aim to push forward and be like a river, always move forward and never back. Just to troll ourselves a bit, here is a list of rivers who do quite the opposite – they flow upwards. We’ll be doing a lot of self trolling as well – and we’ll do it with more ambition, with more content, more research, more of everything.


3) We’ll assemble the articles we publish here and offer them as bundles of knowledge and unique insights into the history of Parisian phenomena. So far we’ve progressed on the history of Parisian related pop music but there are many other lines of inquiry we tend to do – not all of them related to music. Expect things from different domains, like the history, the arts and architecture, gourmandise, and a lot more. We can’t wait.


4) Paris is often being criticized as a “museum city” (often justly so), meaning that is filled with history but that rarely anything new and inspiring happens. People come here to admire the great classics from the history of arts and the contemporary scene gets neglected. Especially so if you’re a young promising artist (and even more so if you are a middle age man with questionable talent and a dubious work ethic). It is a stereotype we aim to change by giving this (for the moment, virtual) space to Paris based artists and representing their work. Under a lot of layers of various levels of self-delusion there is an interesting yet struggling scene in this city and we aim to go through a lot of rubble so that we could give you some pearls of potential. So expect more than reports from the exhibitions of well established artists on these pages soon(ish). This might also work with some hidden literary talents, as we might give our pages out to some novelists, poets and other types of inspired people who’d like to publish their novels in the form of blog posts, continuously. It’s all very 19th century, and we’re all very romantic that way.


5) We aim to expand on our podcast and start a couple of new ones. Some interlocutors of great interest need to finish their long overdue obligations (like their PhD’s, for example), some need to finish upon some long stretched-out soul searching and life-calibrating, but when it all comes together, and it should in the next couple of months, we’ll have a lot more to offer on that account.


So, a lot of plans, a lot of ambitions, and plenty of good vibes to look forward to ! We honestly feel optimistic and ready to take everything to the next level here, and we wish plenty of you will join us on this journey. Let’s wrap it up with another Heraclitus quote that we’ve just googled out – “There is nothing permanent except change”, so we’re going with the (previously mentioned) flow and changing, hopefully all of the better. Stay tuned for more !


Yours truly, Paris in person walking tours team

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