Our new weekly podcast is up! This time we talk to Amy Plum

This time around we had a distinguished pleasure to host Amy Plum, an international best selling author of YA (that is young adult, for those of you who are not initiated in the genre) literature. Amy is an American expat living in Paris, responsible for the popular ‘Die for me’ series as well as many other notable and critically acclaimed titles. We had the opportunity of talking to her, asking her a lot of questions about her writing, world making skills, inspiration, YA genre, and many other things. Time flew by and we had to wrap up the interview (lest it go on for three or four hours) but there are still many questions we wanted to ask her, as she is a very funny and dynamic interlocutor. Enjoy !



Here is the video on youtube :




And for the lovers or radio/audio out there, here is the clip on soundcloud :



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