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High heels

Ever since Catherine de Medici introduced them to the French, the high-heeled shoes were a fashion must. At first, they were an inseparable part of man's wardrobe, especially royals and nobility but later, in the late 18th century, they became a feminine symbol, the sexy,


If you want to adhere to that "When in Paris act like a Parisian" then perfume is a must. It is one of the essences of French girl chic, along with mariniere, beret, cigarettes, red lipstick and espadrilles.   Any perfume, whether it is floral, “oriental,” wood,


It was the epitome of cool. Before it became politically incorrect, smoking cigarettes was sexy and rebellious. It added a touch of danger and glamour and a sense of freedom to everyday life.   Cigarette smoking became widespread by the late 19th century and was associated with

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